What are some of the associated costs that I may have to factor in?

Every project is different. You may however have some plumbing needs or there may be some excavation work required. We access each project on an individual basis.

Which finish is right for me?

One of our experienced team will meet with you to discuss your requirements and to provide a no obligation free quote. We will help you to choose the finish that suits your needs and your budget.

How long will it take for the work to commence?

We will arrange a time that will be suitable for both parties.
On average the work will start 3-4 weeks after acceptance of the quote.

How much notice will you give me before the works begins?

We notify customers at least 24hrs in advance. Weather sometimes forces us to reschedule.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. If you call for an estimate we will make a time suitable to meet at the site and an experienced team member will measure the work area. You will receive our quote in writing, on our letterhead and accompanied with relevant paper work. (We do not provide estimates in the field)

How long must I stay off my new concrete?

This varies on the use of the new concrete. We will discuss this with you at the time of acceptance.

How many colours and patterns are there?

There are over 30 concrete colours and 12 main patterns available. A wide variety does exist if required.

How do I prevent weeds from growing in between pavers?

Weeds do not grow from under the pavers. Because of the way the ground is compacted, weeds cannot grow through. However, weeds may arrive from airborne circumstances.

Does concrete crack?

As concrete dries, excess water evaporation causes the concrete to shrink and sometimes crack. At this point in time there is no way of stopping concrete from cracking however we can put in procedures to minimise the cracking.

  • Fibre mesh
  • Steel mesh
  • Expansion cuts

These options will be discussed with you at the time of the quotation.

How often should I re-seal my concrete?

We recommend that it be re-sealed after 12months and then upon wear and tear. This will enhance your concrete and prolong its life. We are happy to put you on our maintenance program.


Always clean up oil and petrol spills as soon as possible.